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ED World LMS

As an open source based app, ED World has many powerful and reliable features that enable educational institutions to leverage the power of technology to enhance the educational process.

Mobile and Web App

ED World is available as a web and mobile app for iOS and Android phones and tablets.

User Accounts

Students and teachers get unique accounts to login to their course pages.

Course Resources

Teachers can post different types of educational resources on course pages such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF files, or links to external websites and videos (Youtube and Vimeo).

Online Tests

Teachers can post online exams consisting of different question types such as T/F, matchng, fill in the blank, essay, image labeling, and more.

Assignment Submission

Students can submit assignments and projects online via ED World.


Teachers can keep track of students' gradess in an organized manner.

Live Classes

ED World is integrateable with popular and reliable videoconferencing apps such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and BigBlueButton.

Branded Application

We can develop a branded application for your educational institution.


ED World has more built in features and is enhancable with many more features.


More than the platform we provide, what’s special about us is the unique set of services we provide to make sure educational institutions are supported in order to succeed.

Staff Training

We provide training to teachers and administrators, not just about how to use the LMS features, but also how to conduct effective online learning experiences.

Content Organization

We help educational institutions organize their content on the LMS

24/7 Support

Though our platform is highly reliable, we provide 24/7 technical support for our customers.


We are trusted by many types of clients: Course providers, K-12 schools, and higher education.


Clients laud not only the platform, but also the support and care we provide.

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