Educational Platforms

Educational Platforms

We provide various platforms to suit the diverse needs of educational institutions, educators, and students.  In addition to providing the educational platforms, we provide the needed support and training for educational institutions so that their online learning endeavor suceeds.


ED World LMS

Our mobile and web learning management system is a powerful and reliable platform for K-12 Schools and Higher Education. 


ED Study Groups

ED Study Groups enables educational institutions to provide online study groups beyond the normal working hours.

ED Courses

ED Courses enables course providers to sell and provide their courses online.


More than the platform we provide, what’s special about us is the unique set of services we provide to make sure educational institutions are supported in order to succeed.

Staff Training

We provide training to teachers and administrators, not just about how to use the LMS features, but also how to conduct effective online learning experiences.

Content Organization

We help educational institutions organize their content on the LMS

24/7 Support

Though our platform is highly reliable, we provide 24/7 technical support for our customers.


We are trusted by many types of clients: Course providers, K-12 schools, and higher education.


Clients laud not only our platforms, but also the support and care we provide.

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